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@ TNB Langkawi

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What we will do this month

April 2019

Hello Mommies & Daddies,
This month your child will enjoy to learn and experience these activities .....

Theme 1 - Camping is fun

Where they will experience an outdoor adventure.

Theme 2 - We are friends

Where they will learn about their friends and how to treat and love each other.

Special Programmes

Where they have their mini zoo for the year.

Learn about our programmes

Where learning is always fun and meaningful

Enrichment Programmes

We cater for your child's potential in personal awareness - self-help skill, cleanliness, safety , health ; in emotions - coping and accepting ; in social - sharing, cooperation, tolerance ; and in motor skills - fine and gross motor skills

Reading Programmes

We use our proven and established reading programmes - Bacalah Anakku and ReadEasy based on phonics where children learn to read easily and naturally in BM , English & Jawi

Special Skills Programmes

We hope to develop religious awareness , values and conduct ; develop thinking skills ; nurture arts and creativity through creative activities


We also cater for your child's need to be cared for after and between activities before they are picked up until 5.30 pm

What we did last month - April 2019

Tema 1

What we did last month - April 2019

Tema 2

What we did last month - Mac 2019

Special Programme 1


Bacalah Anakku CreativePlay Centre

Where learning is always fun and meaningful

Our Programmes and Activities

Theme-based Subjects

  • Image Grouptime
    To nurture emotional stability
  • Image Practical Life
    To nurture personal awareness
  • Image Our World
    To learn about the creator through science
  • Image Arts & Crafts
    To nurture fine motor skills

Skill-based Subjects

  • Image Mathematics
    To nurture thinking skills
  • Image Fardhu Ain & Solat
    To nurture spiritual values
  • Image Creative Movements
    To nurture gross motor skills
  • Image Creative Playtime
    To nurture intellectual awareness

Reading Programmes

  • Image Bahasa Malaysia
    To learn the language and to read using Bacalah Anakku
  • Image English Language
    To learn the language and to read using Readeasy
  • Image Al Quran & Jawi
    To read text based on Arabic alphabets

We are here


Jalan Air Hangat
Sebelah Pejabat TNB Kuah

Our Teachers

Pn Fazillah
Guru Besar

Pn Farah Umaina
Guru Tadika

Guru Tadika

Nur Asura
Guru Tabilas



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