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Beginner Level

Content ( 8 Books )

Simple logic - One sound represented by one most common symbol ( letter / spelling )

In Book 1 -5, children learn 19 basic sounds and the letters they represent. First they will learn to blend 3 sounds words such as cat , bat, cab. Then they will read simple phrases. After learning to blend 4 sound words, they will read more complete sentences in books 7 and 8. Text in blue are 'sight words'. Children learn to read the blue words using the 'look and say' method.


Intermediate Level

Content ( 2 books )

One sound represented by 2 letters ( symbols ) , for example, 'ck' for /k/ sound.'

The texts used are combinations of sounds taught in Intermediate and Beginner level. Children learn to master readingin this level through short and interesting stories,

Advanced Level

Content ( 5 Books )

More complex - sounds can be mapped to more than one symbol or spelling alternatives.

Children will learn to read words with the most common spellings in English, where less common spellings are not taught. In this level children will read interesting stories covering all the sounds that they have learned in beginner and intermediate levels.

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