ReadEasy Phonics Reading Series

The best reading series in Malaysia based on synthetic phonics

Readeasy Phonics Reading series has proven to be very effective to help children as early as 3 years read fluently in english since 2001. The synthetic phonics approach used in this series is the best method to master reading skills. It has help thousands of children , in Malaysia especially, read easily by way of blending the speech sounds in words. The series is graded into 3 levels -beginner , intermediate and advanced - which cover all the 44 speech sounds in English language.

Our Books


Beginner Level

Consists of 8 books

In beginner level children learn 18 consonant sounds and 6 vowels sounds where each sound is mapped to one most common symbol. Then they will learn to blend words with three sounds followed by four letter sounds


Intermediate Level

Consists of 2 books

In intermediate level children will learn that some sounds are mapped to more than one symbol such as sound /k/ which can be represented by 'ck'. They will also learn 2 short vowel sounds and 5 long vowels sounds .


Advanced Level

Consists of 5 books

At this level when children are able to read more fluently, they will learn 8 more vowel sounds or diphthongs which are mapped to many spelling alternatives

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The Synthetic Phonics Approach

It is the leading , research-based approach with proven results

In Scotland, when synthetics phonics was used to teach children read in English as early as 5 years, they noticed that not only children were able to read easily but also they were 3 years ahead compared to children who learnt to read based on other methods when they were 11 years old.

It is the best phonics method because in order to read children just learn the smallest speech sounds and learn to blend the sounds to make words. This method of reading is superior to learning to read based on whole-language approach or word-rimes approach. In fact, recent scientific researches have confirmed that the brain reads reads by breaking words into sounds. It proves that synthetic phonics is the most natural way to read.

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Why ReadEasy is very effective

Now everyone can read easily.

  • it is written based on synthetics phonic using phoneme to grapheme association
  • children learn the sound first then the symbol ( letter shapes) not the letter names
  • children are taught to blend sounds in words, not to memorize them
  • children are taught to read meaningful 3 letter words then 4 letter words and so on
  • sounds taught are graded into 3 levels
  • meaningful phrases and texts are used to help fluency
  • simple stories help develop interest in reading
  • pictures are added to help understanding
  • supported by systematic and creative teaching techniques
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    The Writers



    Co-writers of Bacalah Anakku & Readeasy

    Served as an English language teacher at MOE Secondary School for 7 years; have been conducting courses since 1998 ; was appointed as Phonics Consultant for the writing of English Year 1 and 2 used by MOE from 2011-2016



    Co-writers of Bacalah Anakku & Readeasy

    Also served as an English language teacher at MOE Secondary School for 8 years; have been conducting courses and managing preschool institution since 1998 ; was also appointed as Phonics Consultant for the writing of English Year 1 and 2 used by MOE from 2011-2016.

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