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ReadEasy Phonics Reading Series
Since 2001, this series has been proven to be very
helpful for children as early as 3 years read in English.

Based on synthetic phonics, children are able to master
reading by learning the sound-letter association and
blending the sounds to make words.

Researches made in Scotland have proven that
children who learn to read by using synthetics phonics
are three years ahead compared to other children who
learn to read using other methods.

Product Specialties

  • Based on synthetic phonics
  • Using the phonemes - graphemes association (
  • PGA ) approach
  • Carefully chosen sounds to make it easy
  • Systematically graded from simple to more
  • difficult sound-letter association
  • Meaningful texts for fluency
  • Use of coloured texts to help children focus on
  • reading
  • Supported by effective teaching techniques
  • Written by experienced phonics expert
Pengedar Utama
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Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Covers  complete set of sounds in the British English  sound system in 3  levels - Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced

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Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
Beginner Level
Activity Book 1
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